The Process

A Domain name for your business

A domain name is the title of your website, this is the address you advertise or give out to your customer’s. Choosing your domain name is a personal and unique choice, its a relatively easy process, I send you a link, you purchase a domain name, which is usually between £10.00 – £20.00 for the year ( obviously there are more expensive domain names, depending on the uniqueness of the title ), from there I’ll take over the domain and do what’s needed to start building your new website

Hosting for your website

Hosting provides a safe place for your website files to be stored on line, with out hosting we would have nowhere to store are data, files and web pages. Hosting can be provided in are monthly packages.

Website Design

When you have your domain name purchased and your hosting plan agreed, we can now start building your new website, from here I will need any logos you may already have, any pictures you have of your business and colour schemes you prefer. If you do not have a logo, I may be able to help in some way.


Website Prices

Basic 1 page/ landing page website with social media links / google maps / contact links / email / phone numbers = £270.00

3 – 5  Page website with gallery / about us / contact page / social media links / google maps / contact links / email / phone numbers = £850.00

10 – 15 Page website with unique pages to suit your business needs with gallery / about us / contact / social media links / google maps / contact links / email / phone numbers = £ – make contact for a tailored made quote to suit

Website maintenance

In order for your website to run smoothly, there are what’s known as plugins on the back end of the website that need to be continuously updated, I offer a maintenance package that covers my time to update these plugins to ensure that your website running smoothly and as fast as it should.

Website maintenance and alteration packages

When your website is built and you are happy with the finished article, you have options from here.


Option 1 – Hosting and plugin updates / Maintenance from 

– £30.00 per month

Option 2 – Hosting and plug in / Maintenance and 1 hour of Development time ( for alterations to text / pictures / prices )

 – from £70.00 per month